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Testing Accessories

 Corona Ring

(Shielding)Corona ring:For AC/DC,it can be high voltage evenly distributed around the object to ensure the potential of every position around the ring consistent.

The purpose of the ring is very extensive,it can be divided into;arrester corona ring, lightning protection;corona ring,insulator corona ring,transformer corona ring,corona ring of high voltage test equipment,power transmission line corona ring.

Meanwhile,in a lot of supporting precision measurement of electrical equipment,often used shieling corona ring,or shield ring. 

Inductive Voltage Regulator

Inductive Voltage Regulator can adjust output voltage stepless,smooth,continuously with load.It is mainly used for motor electrical test,the furnace temperature control,rectifier equipment,and generator excitation.Been widely used in machinerymanufacturing,chemicals,textiles,,military and other industries. 





 Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator is large contact-tpye automatic voltage regulator, which can replace the inductive voltage regulator. It is superior to inductive regulator at appearance, weight,size,efficiency,waveform,operationand maintainance. This product applies to industrial,hospital,national defense and scientific research departments for continuous adjustable type test power supply. More details...





CF-12 Digital Trigger Ignition Box

CF-12 Digital Trigger Device is used for impulse voltage generator trigger, It instantaneous trigger ignition box and makes synchronous high-voltage ignition pulse, to throughout HV ignition sphere gap. The control system can use 24V or 220V relay, also it can use fiber glass to control without any delay, the output voltage is higher than 12kV DC, negative polarity.





Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube

Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube is a kind of common insulator what use in the high voltage products. It is made of special purpose epoxy resin (high-temperature resistance and ultra low viscosity property) and high-quality glass fiber, it is suitable to use with oil and SF6, also supply incomparable strength and very low partial discharge.

Length: 10cm-10000cm

Thickness 2mm-100mm

                                                              Copper Flange/Epoxy Resin Flange/ Composite insulator skirt edge available

LVC-1 Low Voltage Unit for Capacitive Voltage Divider

LVC-1 is used for the low voltage arm for the capacitive voltage divider, it can used with most all range of the capacitive high voltage arm, the low voltage arm of the divider accuracy can be arrive 0.2%, input voltage is 1000V(AC), if used standard capacitor as the low voltage units (need special require), the low voltage arm use the BNC/LEMO connector, special design allow test the PD in the both time when test the voltage.

LVD-1 Low Voltage Unit for Resistive Voltage Divider

LVD-1 is used for the low voltage arm for the resistive voltage divider, it can used for most all range of the resistive high voltage arm, the low voltage arm of the divider accuracy can be arrive 0.1%, the low voltage arm resistor is used non inductive design, the inductance value is lower than 10nH, input  voltage is 1000V.


 Corona Free Aluminum Foil Tube






Corona Free Snake-shaped Tube





Impulse Resistor

DZ series impulse resistor include the charging resistor, front wave resistor, tail wave resistor and external waveform adjustable resistor. It can fit with HAEFELY, HIGHVOLT and other main brand  impulse generator. The resistors use the plate shape structure, non inductive winding system, its inductance is ≤ 2.5mH. The max voltage arrive 300kV, max energy arrive 40kJ.





Copper Ball for HV Testing

Copper ball for HV testing is mainly used for a variety of high voltage equipment,is an important part to do sphere gap measurement,discharging sphere gap,impulse voltage or current test.





Air Cushion

Samgor provides air cushion for high voltage test equipment,and can improve the design of air cushion.The air cushion we used is American brand Aerago,the load capacity up to 100 tons.