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Test Fields and Shielded Rooms
TYPE JF Partial Discharge Shielding Room (Shielding Factory Building)

Scope of Application

TYPE JF Partial Discharge Shielding Room (Factory Building) is suitable for the partial discharge experiment and impact test in different voltage band (110KV, 220KV, 500KV, 750KV,1000KV) of cable, voltage transformer, transformer, switch, and power station etc.

Since 1993, TYPE JF Shielding Room (Factory Building) has got the approval of the international companies such as Heafely and Hepo, which is instead of the import, and wins the favorable comment from customers, designing institute and foreign company deeply.

Until Jun. 2004, Samgor Company has finished 31 sets of partial discharge shielding room 110KV-1000KV. Among them, there are Tai Mountain International Cable and Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd (Shandong ), Baosheng BICC General Cable Co., Ltd (China, America and Britain joint-venture), Shengu Cable Company ( Japanese Guhe Company

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control interest) 500KV, high voltage testing shielding hall of ABB Transformer (Chongqing) Co., Ltd, Transformer Research Institution (Shengyang), electric promotion door 10 x 15 (H) m of Shenyang Transformer Co., Ltd, shielding factory building of Xinhua Lida Cable Co., Ltd (Hebei), Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd of TBEA etc.

Performance Index

  1. Shielding efficiency: frequency range 10KHz- 100MHz, magnetic field≥80-110dB, frequency range 1KHz-1GHz, electric field≥110dB, has reached or exceed the place requirement of Haefely, Hepo and Haiwo Company.
  2. Isolation resistance: ≥500MΩ
  3. Ground connection resistance: ≤1Ω
  4. Our Shielding Factory Building can Require for Transformer Testing and Routine Cable Testing,also satisfies its IEC standard.

The advantage of contract ultra-high voltage shielding room (factory building):

Samgor Company a system integrated merchant and professional manufacturers of magnetic shield and EMC. Since 1985 the domestic first detachable electromagnetic shielding room of steel plate, which is designed, manufactured and installed by Samgor Company came out, development course of 20 years have already been passed by so far. We have the obvious advantage whenever in performance, experience, and quality, and technology, time limit for a project, the price and service.

Technical data

(1) The advantage in electric field (cable, voltage transformer, transformer)

  • Until Jun. 2004, we have finished 31sets of partial discharge shielding hall, in which there are 7 sets of ultra-high voltage 500KV: Shengu Cable Company, Baosheng BICC General Cable Co., Ltd, Tai Mountain International Cable and Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd (Shandong), Shanghai Cable Research Institute, Hunan Electric Power, and Xinhua Lida Cable Co., Ltd (Hebei) etc.
  • *In the first half of the year of 2004, we have finished the 66 x 42 x 40 (H) m shielding room of Jingjiang Transformer Factory and Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd of TBEA (scales: the first in Asia, the third in the world), one section of airtight shielding door of electric promotion 11 x 17 (H) m.
  • The brand of Samgor gets the approval of the market. In the cable system, the others of ultra-high voltage 500KV shielding room are manufactured by our company, except one set of Shanghai Cable Company in the early year.

(2)Successful cases of turnkey project:

  • Electric industry: ultra-high voltage testing shielding hall 500KV.The external layer is steel structure of press color steel pate. The internal layer is galvanized sheet steel assembling shield; Xinhua Lida Cable Co., Ltd (Hebei), Changsha Ultra-high Voltage Power Transmission and Transformation Company Co., Ltd (Hunan).
  • Military project industry: the system assemble of large-scale full electric wave chamber of Hongdu Aviation Group of Nanchang, large-scale microwave chamber of electron research institution of Ministry of Information Industry and the system assemble of electric chamber 3m method EMC. The country and relevant ministries and commissions give a high appraisal to these three projects.
(3)Reliable experience and ability (design, manufacture, construction, and management)
  • The work experience, design, manufacture and management of Samgor Company come out in front in the congeneric industry. Our principle is to protect customers’ benefits and meet their requirements. We will finish the shield project in the shortest time limit, guarantying the excellent.

Project quality. (examples)

(1)shielding machine room of Custom General Administration in 50 days (including designing, manufacture, transportation, and installation), average one set per 1.7 days.

(2)Finished the large-scale high-performance shielding hall system integrated turnkey project in four month.

  • Every large-scale high-performance project have a manage group of hard working project manager made up, leading a workers team that has rich experience and overall technology. The production line is composed of numerical control lathes. Each index of a project will be finished satisfactorily according to the International Quality System Certification. Customers can be satisfied and at ease.
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