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Company Profile




Passion and Innovation are driving us

Samgor Technology Ltd has been established since 1988 in modern city shanghai where we started to manufacture different type of capacitors. After 2002, Samgor Technology Ltd started to develop and produce test, measurement and diagnostic equipment for a wide range of electrical applications, test systems for laboratory, factory and onsite field.

From a small team of dedicated engineers we have grown into an international company with worldwide offices and customers in over 50 countries.

Samgor Technology Ltd has younger, more passionate and innovating engineers team than any other existing old and famous competitor. We keep upgrading and creating our testing equipment and minds. That makes us able to provide you with products, solutions and service that allow your electrical power system to run more smoothly, safely and efficiently.





Your Safety is Our Target

SAMGOR Technology Ltd has good achievements in the high voltage testing equipment industry. Our customers around the world rely on our innovative technology and professional service of HV testing systems for laboratories, institutes, manufacturers of electrical power and more.

Our product range spans from HV testing equipments and solutions for Power transformer, Instruments, Transformer, Switchgear, Power cable, Power capacitor, Bushing, Insulator etc. factories. We will seek common development of electric power industry in the world by providing innovative technology and high-quality services.






What We Promise and Believe

 Quality / Innovation / Responsibility / Relationship

In the last 20 years, Chinese products mean cheaper and low quality. Samgor believe only persistent improving the quality with innovative design and products, take the responsibility for our customers and products, also builds a strong relationship with our customer and in our own team, these are the way to build a good and completive company in 21 century.

Keep looking through all small points and keep upgrading.
Keep looking for new and better technology and materials.
Keep learning from mistake and improving the procedure.
Global sourcing the best quality manufactory resources and tools.

Keep doing basic research and data it.
Encourage improving products even a single small point.
Hire global engineers to bring new ideas to the team.
Keep investing at development and innovation.

Never leave a single customer's reasonable request.
Fully quality check for each part of Samgor products.

Build global service and sales centre to supply the fast and reliable service and response.
Keep contacting and supplying strong technical support daily.

SAMGOR believes that our products mean good quality, innovation, best service and we will be one of the best suppliers in HV testing area.