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Samgor offers the right solutions for type and routine testing for power capacitor. The PCTS Power Capacitor Test System are self-contained test sets incorporating all features necessary for testing power capacitors.

Logistics pipeline and pneumatic electrodes are used in the PCTS Power Capacitor Test System, it make the test very easily and save lots of time, improve efficiency, in all the test process, no need any artificial operation in the test area .Automatic discharge and perfect low voltage protection permit a more safety test environment than any other traditional test lab.

Power capacitors are highly quality requirement products in the power transmission system, so it need the testing products with compromising quality and high technology. The PCTS system can totally arrive all the requirement form customer, it have the most modern design with best quality components inside. For all routine test, within one system, the PCTS system supply customer a turn key test solution.

The PCTS Power Capacitor Test System has been designed with these requirements in mind, as a multifunctional tool for testing power capacitors. All supported tests are performed in conformity with GB/T 11024.1-2010 and IEC 60871-1-2005.

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage testing for Power Capacitor, our large products range covers:

◆ Power Capacitor Test System

◆ Over Voltage Cycle Test System For Shunt Capacitor

◆ AC Resonant Test Systems

◆ SGVS Portable DC Test System (80kV-500kV)

◆ Impulse Voltage and Current Generator

SF6 Filled High Precision Standard Capacitors

Precision Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge

Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System