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Over Voltage Cycle Test System

YGZQ Series

[Over Voltage Cycle Test System for Shunt Capacitor]

Over Voltage Cycle Test System is the type test, repeated over voltage from lowest rated temperature to the ambient temperature to improve the dielectric performance for the shunt capacitor above 10kV. In the recent year, this test is more popular to done in the modern factory.

YGZQ series Over Voltage Cycle Test system can be totally arrive all the requirement for this test, it meet the GB/T 11024.2-2001 and IEC/TS 60871-2:1999 standard.

YGZQ series Over Voltage Cycle Test system is made up by test transformer, high speed response voltage regulator, compensating reactor, voltage divider and automatic control and measuring system. The system is design for heavy duty, even it can permit long time continuous running, the test voltage up to 50kV.

The high speed response voltage regulator of YGZQ series Over Voltage Cycle Test system use the most modern and stability IGBT part, it can change from zero to any voltage what lower than rated voltage in one sine waveform, one addition function is the system also can viable the frequency from 30hz-300Hz to arrive some special power capacitor test requirement.

The automatic control and measuring system of YGZQ series Over Voltage Cycle Test system is windows base and labview, it can automatic compensating by difference test object, record voltage waveform, current waveform, ambient temperature, RMS HV voltage, running time and over voltage cycle time. Also it have prefect safety function design, like over voltage, over current, emergency stop, door limit switch etc.