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C & Tan Delta Measurement

Nearly every high voltage equipment prior to delivery to the customer will undergo a test related to capacitance and tan delta for a final quality control. Such tests are in general made at a frequency for which the equipment is designed. The reasons for the tests are firstly that too high losses ( means high tan delta) may cause a breakdown, secondly, the manufacturer of a specific equipment knows the typical magnitudes which can be tolerated and which provide information about the quality of newly manufactured equipment, and these measurements can also serve for a comparison with later preventive measurements.

Such tests are in general made in dependence of the test voltage applied; both magnitudes, capacitance and dissipation factor shall be essentially constant with increasing voltage, as insulation systems are linear systems and any tan delta fast increase with voltage level is a preliminary indication of partial discharges in the system which can lead to a failure of the insulation system.

Samgor owns more than 25 years C & Tan Delta measurement equipment manufactory experience, also is the highest voltage level standard capacitor manufactory record. Such a huge experience make our C & Tan Delta measurement equipment reliable and trustable.

Samgor offer a broad range of precision C & tanδ measuring bridges covering both high and low voltage applications for laboratory, factory, workshop and field use:

◆ SF6 Filled High Precision Standard Capacitors

◆ Precision Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge

◆ Oil Dissipation Factor and Resistivity Meter

◆ Precision Test Cell for Liquid Insulants

◆ Precision Test Cell for Solid Insulants

◆ Temperature Control Unit for Test Cell

◆ Vacuum Pump for Test Cell

◆ Dissipation Factor Tanδ Standards