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Oil Dissipation Factor Meter


[Oil Dissipation Factor and Resistivity Meter]

SG7501 Oil Dissipation Factor and Resistivity Meter is used to measure dissipation factor, dielectric constant and resistivity for oil. The set is all-in-one structure, with internal oil cup, temperature control, AC bridge, high resistance meter, AC/DC test voltage and standard capacitor etc.

SG7501 is equipped with full digital technique, full automatic measurement, easy to operate and stable in performance. Test results are displayed on a large LCD and output with a micro printer.

SG7501 is totally arrive the international standards, design is according to the IEC247. Strong protection design is also been think in our design, it include the over voltage, over current, short circuit protection, fault alarm etc.

Our oil cup use the new design, compare to RY-1 and Haefely oil cup, our capacity of the oil cup is 35ml, we decrease the quantity of the components, also the size. It has the easy clean, low weight, easy move when it is be heated. The other advantage is the capacitance of the oil cup is also decrease a lot, from 60pF to 50pF.


SG7501-B USD4,000.00