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Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers are one kind of special transformers what are widely used to efficiently test large unit quantities, requiring a high throughput in the test bay. Samgor offers optimally matched test systems for AC and impulse voltages, as well as the required measurement systems for high-accuracy measurements of partial discharges, C & Tan delta and error, for example. Samgor can also provide you with systems for specialized tests such as ferromagnetic resonance testing that can be seamlessly incorporated into our system concept.

Our many years of experience put us in a position to be able to offer you consulting services. We will craft innovative solutions for you that will include the layout of your test bay, shielding, and grounding. A special focus is placed on improving the workflow in the test bay.

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage testing for instrument transformers, our large products range covers:

◆ Impulse Voltage and Current Generator

◆ Cylinder type Transformer Systems

◆ Gas Insulated Transformer System

 SF6 Filled High Precision Standard Capacitors

 Precision Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge

 Oil Dissipation Factor and Resistivity Meter

◆ Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System

◆ Partial Discharge Free Shielding Room