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Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge


[Precision Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge]

SG2008 Automatic 12kV Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Test Set is designed to measure dissipation (tgδ) and capacitance (C) in heavy electromagnetic interference environment such as in power plants or substations. Also it can be used in laboratory for high accurate test such asHigh Voltage (EHV) class Bushings, Windings of transformer (1/2/3 windings), shunt reactors, Current Transformer, Capacitor Voltage transformer(CVT), grading capacitors of Circuit Breakers, Surge Arrester and other electrical equipments. The test set is all-in-one structure: including precision digital bridge, 12kV/200mA frequency conversion power unit, reference capacitor (CN), and other electronic circuits. An external power supply can expand the test range. True portability is realized by the lightweight. Simple usage is realized by the full automation. High performance is realized by the digital process.
In the internal digital bridge, input signals are converted to digital signal by A/D converters, and then processed by a SCM. Most of the tasks are done by software including self-calibrating. Reference signal is given by a three terminals high accuracy standard capacitor. All the input resistance is less than 2 Ohm, so the attached capacitance of connection cable is negligible. Not only for on-the-spot test, it can also be used in laboratory for high accuracy test, such as oil dissipation factor test. Normally the accuracy of dissipation factor under no-interference environment is better than 0.00010.