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Samgor offers right solutions for routine and type testing of bushings according to GB/T4109/IEC60137 and GB/T22674/IEC62199. These solutions include the required measurement equipment such as for partial discharge and C/tan delta, in addition to the various test systems such as AC, DC, and impulse voltage test systems. Our many years of experience put us in a position to be able to offer you consulting services. We will craft innovative solutions for you that will include the layout of your test bay, shielding, and grounding. A special focus is placed on improving the workflow in the test bay.

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage testing for bushings, our large products range covers:

◆ Impulse Voltage and Current Generator

◆ SF6 Filled High Precision Standard Capacitors

◆ Precision Capacitance and Dissipation Bridge

◆ Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System

◆ Insulation Resistance Tester