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Multi-Channel PD Measuring System


[Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System]

SG4008 multi-channel digital partial discharge measuring system developed by SAMGOR up to minutes, which have powerful anti-interference capability and up to six channels. It can collect data from single to six channels and show in the windows in the same time.

SG4008 multi-channel digital partial discharge measuring system is developed by summarizing the experience of PD measurement for many years, using the latest technology designed for next-generation high-performance analysis of digital PD measurement instruments, is the substitute of traditional analog PD instrument. The completed feature will make your measurement more flexible and convenient; all kinds of unique anti-interference technology allows you to measure accurately in the strong interference environment; and friendly user interface and high-speed sampling refresh rate, with the analog PD instrument’s visual effects; to provide a variety of waveform analysis, recording methods allow you to easily determine discharge properties; all test data automatically recorded and processed, can quickly generate a test report. System comprehensive use computer technology, analog electronics technology, high-speed signal acquisition technology and advanced digital signal processing and graphics display technology, the automatic completion of partial discharge measurement and analysis.