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Power Transformers & Reactors

Samgor offer complete test system for single and three phase power transformer and power reactor up to 765kV. The system will perform the following tests in accordance with ANSI / IEEE C57.12.90 and IEC 76 latest edition standards.

Samgor offer the turn-key project of the power/distribution transformer test system mainly consists of the station design, type selection and purchase of special equipment, equipment installation and commissioning, system connection, system commissioning, transformer test, training of the testing personnel, etc. The station is applicable to all delivery tests, type tests and some special tests of transformers.

Scope of Work:

Design of the test station (including design of the primary and secondary systems, the equipment layout of the hall, the equipment wiring routing, embedded pipes, grounding system, etc.);

Selection of the test equipment (including the research and development of special comprehensive intelligent measurement & control system and equipment procurement);

Layout and installation of the test station (including installation of the primary & secondary loops, overall integration of equipment, construction of the grounding system and shielding system and so on);

Supply of the measurement & control system of the test station and its installation and commissioning;

Commissioning of the primary and secondary systems of equipment (including combined commissioning of all equipment);

Transformer test and training (completing the overall test of transformer according to testing standards and providing practical operation training for testing personnel )

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage testing for transformers and reactors, our large products range covers:

 Power Transformer Test System

 Distribution Transformer Test System

 Transformer Loss Measuring System

 Coupling Capacitors & Filter

 Electronics Power Sources

 Cylinder Type Test Transformer System

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