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Distribution Transformer Test System

DTTS Series

[Distribution Transformer Test System]

The DTTS Series Distribution and Traction Transformer Test System are self-contained test sets incorporating all features necessary for testing single and three phase distribution transformer at factory and onsite.

Distribution and traction transformers are highly quality requirement products in the power transmission system, so it needs the testing products with compromising quality and high technology. The DTTS system can totally meet the entire requirements of the customer, it has the most modern design with best quality components inside. For all routine test, within one system, the DTTS system supplies customer a turn key test solution.

Our DTTS system supplies customer highly automated and minimal manual intervention to keep the test duration of a single transformer as short as possible.

The DTTS Distribution and Traction Transformer Test System has been designed with these requirements in mind, as a multifunctional tool for testing distribution transformers. All supported tests are performed in conformity with IEC, IEEE/ANSI, GB and GOST.