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High Power Test System









300kW AC Charging Power to Generate up to AC/DC 240MVA 60MJ High Power for Short Circuit Test!

SEPS Series Energy Storage High Power Test System is an independent high power test system With the power supply of 300kVA. our SEPS can generate 240MVA 60MJ high power for short circuit within one single container module. This high power can operate the short circuit test (dynamic & thermal stability test) upon electric equipments.

Features :

l  Small requirement from utility (Less than 300KW power)

l  No civil construction / Container Base

l  Lower cost, easy maintenance

l  Short production time /quick installation

l  Multi-functions in one test bay

l  Arbitrary waveform generator

It can be widely used in different electrical products short circuit test in accordance with related IEC standard as belows

◆Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC60076-5

Reactor in Series Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) - IEC60076-6

Potential Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability)- IEC61869-3

Current Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC61869-2

Cable Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC60502-4

Short-time Withstand Current Test & Peak Withstand Current Test for HV Switchgear Cabinet, Ring Main Unit, Cable Branch Box,Post-mounted Switchgear Isolation Switch, Circuit Breaker – IEC62271

Short-time Withstand Current Test & Peak Withstand Current Test for Box Type Substation Main Circuit and Grounding Circuit (American Model & European Model)-IEC62271

Short Circuit Withstand Strength Test for LV Switchgear Cabinet, 0.4kV Cable Branch Box, JP Cabinet – IEC61439-1 / IEC61439-12

Breaking-making Test/Limit Current Withstand Test/Overload Test/Electric Life Test for LV Switch- IEC60947 / UL489

Protective Clothing against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc-IEC61482-1