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High Power Test System

SEPS Series Energy Storage High Power Test System are self-contained test sets for high power testing without large capacity power grid support. Just typically using no more than 200kW as a charging power, the high-power test system can independently conduct the short circuit testing for power and distribution transformer, dynamical thermal stability testing for current instrument transformer and cable, short circuit current withstanding test and short circuit breaking / making capacity testing for circuit breaker and etc.

Power transformers, distribution transformers, instrument transformers, cables, low voltage electrical apparatus and middle voltage circuit breaker are highly quality requirement products in the power transmission system,

The short circuit is a special working condition for each component in the power transmission and distribution network when it has the fault. It plays a vital role in the safety of the power grid. So short circuit testing, dynamic thermal stability testing, breaking / making capacity testing become necessary and important. The authenticity and validity of the high-power test is the key for the safety of the power grid.

Due to the high cost for high power testing and destructive for the testing object, the high-power testing just a special type testing. So it may have big quality difference between special type testing and normal producing and cause the safety hazards. SEPS Series Energy Storage High Power Test System offer a most reliable, advance, low power requirement, low cost, low destructive solution for high power testing.