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High Power Test System

SEPS Series Energy Storage High Power Test System is an independent high power test system without large power from the grid network. With the 400V power supply and no more than 300kVA power, the system can operate the short circuit test (dynamic & thermal stability test) upon those power transformer, the distribution transformer, series reactor, instrument transformer and cable. It can also do the interrupting test, short-time withstand current test, overload test, and endurance test upon MV & LV switchgear and CBs.

SEPS series uses unique high-density energy storing units. These units and the inverters are all from the international top brand company with good quality. One 20’container can generate max 65MVA power, while one 40’ container can generate max 300MVA power, which also can be connected in parallel in max 4 units. From DC to AC, the system adopts the structure of power unit in series, and the inverting is through the PWM technology. It can adjust the voltage and frequency in a wide range and also make the adjustment for the phase angle and DC component. Close loop control avoid influence from output impedance.

◆ Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC60076-5

◆ Reactor in Series Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) - IEC60076-6

◆ Potential Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability)- IEC61869-3

◆ Current Transformer Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC61869-2

◆ Cable Short Circuit Test (dynamic-thermal stability) – IEC60502-4

◆ Short-time Withstand Current Test & Peak Withstand Current Test for HV Switchgear Cabinet, Ring Main Unit, Cable Branch Box, Post-mounted Switchgear Isolation Switch, Circuit Breaker – IEC62271

◆ Short-time Withstand Current Test & Peak Withstand Current Test for Box Type Substation Main Circuit and Grounding Circuit (American Model & European Model)-IEC62271

◆ Short Circuit Withstand Strength Test for LV Switchgear Cabinet, 0.4kV Cable Branch Box, JP Cabinet – IEC61439-1 / IEC61439-12

◆ Breaking-making Test/Limit Current Withstand Test/Overload Test/Electric Life Test for LV Switch- IEC60947 / UL489

◆ Protective Clothing against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc-IEC61482-1