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AC Voltage and Current Testing

AC voltage and current test system is used to be the electrical test performed on a component (such as, bushings, arrestors, insulating materials) or high voltage products (such as, high voltage cables, power transformers, instrument transformers, gas insulated switchgears, air insulated switchgears, high voltage insulators and etc) to determine the effectiveness of its insulation. For the safety of high voltage transmission , testing insulation integrity is essential for all high voltage products.

AC voltage and current test system has a variety of applications, such as routine maintenance/factory delivery test, type test and in particular, wet test. Suitable to indoor and outdoor testing also.

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage AC voltage and current testing applications, our large products range covers:

◆ Cylinder Type Test Transformer System

◆ AC Resonant Test System

Portable HV AC Resoant Test System(Container Type)

◆ SF6 Insulated Test Transformer System

◆ SF6 Gas Insulated AC Hipot Tester

◆ Onsite mobile AC High Voltage Test System

◆ Cable Heat Cycle Test System

◆ Over Voltage Cycle Test System For Shunt Capacitor

◆ Coupling Capacitors & Filter

◆ Cable Test Termination System

Digital AC Control System

◆ Digital AC/DC Measuring System


Electronics Power Sources (SFC)

◆ Power Capacitor Test System

◆ High Voltage Module AC/DC/Impulse Test System