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Digital AC/DC Measuring System


[Digital AC/DC Measuring System]

SG3005 AC/DC Digital Peak Voltage Meter is measurement instrument which designed for the DC high voltage test, AC high voltage test.

The instrument can measure DC positive and negative value of DC voltage, ripple voltage, ripple factor. It can measure AC sine wave (power frequency) and the AC of non-sinusoidal wave voltage peak (positive peak value, negative peak value, peak-peak value), peak value/ √ 2 (true RMS), RMS value of waveform deviation factor and higher harmonics. And can display and save the voltage waveform, pressure raising curve.

To prevent the interference of electromagnetic fields, adopting a series of anti-interference measures in circuit, it has strong resistance capacity on all kinds of interference.

The instrument is accompanied by voltage divider (resistance, capacitive or RC hybrid) can be extended range arbitrarily, just set divided voltage ratio in the setting interface can read the actual value of measured voltage directly.

The instrument adopts computer touch-screen technology, windows working platform, user-friendly, easy to operate, all the circuits using integrated circuits. 

It is stable performance, good reliability, high precision and a wide range of test, simple to use and easy to carry.

As a measuring device the SG3001 is in accordance to the international standard IEC 60060-2.