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Partial Discharge Measurement

Partial discharges (PD), as defined by IEC60270, are localized dielectric discharges in a partial area of a solid or liquid electrical dielectric insulation system under high-voltage field stress. It can be caused by discontinuities or imperfections in the insulation system. PD testing thus gives an indication of deterioration of the insulation and is an indicator of incipient faults. In general PD will occur in systems operating at voltages of 3000 V and above; it should be noted though that in some cases PD can also occur at lower voltages.

Samgor offers a broad range of partial discharge equipment, from simple discharge meters and calibrators to digital detectors with diagnostic capabilities to complete AC/DC partial discharge test systems. Our partial discharge equipment measures according to international standards and the results are accepted worldwide. In addition, our long experience in this particular field helps to select the correct measuring methods and configurations. Our equipment has been tested and proved in screened environments, open factories, on-site testing and installed cable test and diagnosis.

Samgor Technology is a single source supplier for all high voltage partial discharge testing applications, our large products range covers:

Multi-Channel Partial Discharge Measuring System

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SF6 Gas Insulated AC Hipot Tester

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