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Samgor launched our new AC/DC/Impulse generator recently, it has following important advantages:1.Low price:30% much cheaper than other impulse generator.2.Low inductance than other impulse generator.3.120kV or 150kV AC,300kV or 400kV DC, 300kV or 400kV LI/LIC, one equipment has multiple functions.4.Allow upgration in the future.5.High Reliability6.Easy operation 
Our new product Energy Storage Electronics Power Source will be launched soon, this is self-contained test sets for withstand short circuit testing single and three phase distribution transformers at factory and onsite. It offers a most reliable, advance, low power requirement, low cost solution for withstand short circuit test.
Samgor new mobile type 2000kV/200kJ Impulse voltage test system has passed type test and inspection. This system is totally new design and very convenient for onsite use.It can be store in a 30 feet container and transport to wherever testing required.