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[2015.01]Samgor design and develop the world first 3000kV SF6 filled impulse voltage generator, it is used to generate LI and SI to 1000kV class GIS and GIL. It solves the UHV GIS and GIL testing problems of difficult installation and testing onsite. In the future, by using together with SF6 filled high voltage testing transformer, it can combine with the multiple function testing platform for...
[2014.11]Each Samgor device goes through rigorous testing and calibration before shipment; our test engineers keep a record of each tested equipment and ensure its quality meets the customers’ requirements. "Quality is the foundation of the enterprise, Good quality is an important mark of the enterprise, and we will definitely hand to the user the best quality products".
[2014.06]Inspection of 300kV/1A Testing Transformer finished in Smagor factory.