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FISE 2015

SAMGOR Technology American office attended  FISE  that was held in the city of Medellin, Colombia during the 25th to 27th November.

The Event was attended by more than 20,000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors from around the world. The convention center was divided into different halls, White hall, yellow hall, blue hall and Green hall, the latter being where we were located.

The booths that stand out were ABB CENTELSA, EATON, SIEMENS, EPM, which were located in the white hall, companies participating as official sponsors of the fair.

In these three days doing different activities in each of these booth to make more dynamic the visit to the exhibition. So you can learn more about the products and services of each company.During these days, a series of conferences were held, expressed by the experts in the field.

To samgor technology was a great opportunity to participate in FISE 2015, as customers we have established in South America was consolidated more confidence in our products and new customers more thoroughly met our company.

Thanks to those who took the time to visit our booth.See you at FISE 2017 !