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KVF Series


AC/DC KILOVOLTMETERS is an indispensable instrument in every modern high-voltage laboratory and test field where it occupies a wide range of important functions. It is the most basic test for every test in the high voltage test filed.

KVF series AC/DC KILOVOLTMETERS make up by two parts. One is AC/DC RC voltage divider, the other is SG3005 AC/DC peak voltage meter.

AC/DC RC voltage divider can be continuous running in the rated voltage, all high voltage arms and low voltage arm of RC voltage divider is self contained. It is more reliable and more convenient to moving.

SG3005 Digital AC/DC Measuring System is a microprocessor controlled device for accuracy measuring AC, DC and also can be used for testing voltage waveform distortion and ripple factor.

The SG3005 has implemented a flash detector which stores and shows the last voltage measurement and its polarity before a breakdown or flashover occurs.