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Cable Test Termination System

CTTS Series

[Cable Test Termination System]

CTT series cable test terminations are used to test Plastic insulated high-voltage cables. The specific advantages of this series versus conventional terminations are fast and convenient assembly. The terminations can be used for partial discharge (PD) measurements, impulse voltage testing, loss factor (tan delta) measurements and, if the cable ends are carefully prepared, for breakdown testing (step test).

When a cable is being tested, the PD measurement can be followed by an impulse voltage test and by another PD measurement without the need to reconfigure the test arrangement. A loss factor measurement can be made with minor modifications to the arrangement.

The cable is prepared in the same way as for slip-on terminations i.e. by stripping the cable to the outer semi conducting layer and removing the outer semi conducting layer.

The CTT series includes terminations from 75 kV to 800 kV for a maximum cable diameter of 165 mm over the outer semi conducting layer.