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Cylinder Type Transformer System

YDTW \ YDTCW series

[Cylinder type Transformer Systems]

Conventional AC test transformers are especially designed for testing objects of medium capacitance in the factory. These systems are particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes during the testing (heavy corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is of inductive kind (inductive voltage transformers). The possibility to stack several of these transformers allows reaching very high voltages by keeping a reasonable floor space.

Up to 1800KV
Up to 9MVA
Up to 30A

User Benefit

  • Compact dimensions resulting in minimum space requirements
  • High flexibility for connecting the HV lead
  • Large range of applicantion and low acoustic noise level (approx 65 to 75 dBA)
  • Sophisticated protection features for optimal test object& personnel protection.

The Test System includes following main components

  • Regulating transformer with shielded insulating transformer
  • Power noise filter
  • Compensating reactor
  • Fast over-voltage protection unit (included in systems rated 600 kV or higher)
  • Test transformer(s)
  • Coupling capacitor / HV divider / HV filter
  • Control system AC2000 or ACA-2000
  • HV and grounding connections between HV elements. The connection to test object is usually not included.
  • Pre-stage high voltage switchgear cabinet
  • Subordinate-stage high voltage switchgear cabinet