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HV Module AC/DC/Impulse Test System

SGADI Series

[High Voltage Module AC/DC/Impulse Test System]

The high voltage modular AC/DC/Impulse test system is design to be used to test up to 200kV AC voltage, 260kV DC voltage, 240kV LI and 200kV SI. This modular test system is available in a variety of configurations and can be easily expanded at a later date.

Due to its modular design and high flexibility it is not only widely used for factory and on-site testing of components in distribution networks, but it is also used for research, development, training, and education for students.

Main component of The high voltage modular AC/DC/Impulse test system is a 100 kV AC test system. It can effortlessly be extended by additional components for higher AC voltages or even different voltage shapes such as DC or impulse.

Testing Applications:

   AC Apply Voltage Test

   DC Apply Voltage Test

   LI Impulse Voltage (1.2/50us)

   SI Impulse Voltage (250/2500us)

   Partial Discharge Measurement

   Capacitance & Tan Delta Measurement

   Corona Simulation