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Transformer Loss Measuring System

TLMS Series

[Transformer Loss Measuring System]

Transformer Loss Measuring System plays an important role in the quality inspection of the transformer. The transformer loss can be no-load loss and load loss. Because of the improvement of processing and the new material application, the no-load loss is much lower than before, so is the power factor of load loss. Therefore, the requirement for the measuring range and accuracy in transformer loss measuring system is increasing higher and higher.

TLMS Transformer Loss Measuring System have the high accuracy in the big range of 10V~100kV, 0.5A~4000A. Its error is no more than 1.25% with the power factor of less than 0.008, which does completely match the requirement for the transformer loss measurement at present. The measurement tap is changing at its secondary side and the software can adjust the measurement range in automatic way. Such method makes the test much simple and more efficient since the engineer need NOT to change the tap in the primary side for each test section.

   No-load loss & current measurement

   Load loss & impedance voltage measurement

   Loss measuring in temperature rising test

   Induced voltage measurement

   Zero sequency impedance measurement