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Transformer Loss Measuring System

TLMS Series

[Transformer Loss Measuring System]

In the recent years, the measurement of electric power at high voltage and current at very low power factor is becoming increasingly important economically as a way to reduce costs in an ever-growing industrial economy. TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System offer a perfect solution to accuracy measuring the losses at no load and load condition, even cover quality factor is lower to 0.008.

TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System is allowed to auto ranging when on load condition. Not only efficiency is increased, also it avoids serious damage for CTs and voltage divider by select wrong measuring range.

TLMS Series Transformer Loss Measuring System combines well-established and reliable hardware with up-to-date and powerful software. The system can be integrated into a computerized test field. The control computer can be connected to the factory LAN and therefore the measuring data can be externally accessed for backup and further processing.