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Impulse Voltage & Current Generator

 CDY Series

[Impulse Voltage/Current Generator]

CDY series mainly has four types of structure, they are S, voltage from 200kV-500kV, L, voltage from 500kV-1600kV, E, voltage from 600kV-2100kV, H, voltage from 800kV to 4800kV. Energy from 10kJ-720kJ.

Impulse voltage generator can be used to generate impulse voltage simulating lightning strokes and switching surges, it also can be used to generate chopping wave, oscillating wave, steeping wave and 4/10us, 8/20us, 10/350us impulse current wave, if property add some extra equipments.

All structures covered include testing to IEC, ANSI/IEEE as well as other national standards.




CDYM series Mobile Impulse Voltage Test System is design as M structure, the whole system is be designed to located in a 20/30/40ft container, suitable to frequent transportation, it can be used to generate impulse voltage what simulate lightning strokes (LI: 1.2/50us) and switching surges (SI: 250/2500us). The total charging voltage range is from 1200kV-3000kV with stage energy of 10 or 20kJ. Applications covered include testing according to IEC, ANSI/IEEE/GB as well as other national standards.

The basic system can be upgraded in various ways for special tests and or greater ease of operation. A number of additional circuits and components allow optimising the impulse test system for tests on:

◆ Shunt reactors
◆ Power transformers
◆ Distribution transformer
◆ Instrument transformers
◆ Cables (type tests)
◆ Bushings
◆ Arresters (impulse current tests)
◆ Insulators
◆ GIS and air-insulated breakers
◆ Etc