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Precision Test Cell for Liquid Insulant

RY1 & SG121

[Precision Test Cell for Liquid Insulant]

The precision test cell type RY1 measures the dielectric properties of liquid insulants such as insulating oil, i.e. it determines the dissipation factor tanδ and the dielectric constant εr as well as the specific resistivity.

The test cell has been designed as a cylindrical capacitor with a shielded measuring electrode (guard ring capacitor) thus avoiding partial capacitances, which might influence the test results.

The test cell's design is in accordance with the specifications of VDE 0303, 0370 (Fed. Republic of Germany), SEV (Switzerland) and the recommendations of CIGRE. IEC and ISO, as well as with ASTM standards (USA), and it can be used as a replacement Swiss product TETTEX2903.

The temperature controller type SG121 with digital temperature adjustment is used to heat up the test cell.

Advantages & Benefits

u   The test cell is in accordance with international standards and specifications.

u   The temperature is adjustable up to 200°C

u   The cell can be evacuated, e.g. to degas the insulating oil.

u   The electrodes are made of stainless steel.

u   The test results are reproducible thanks to precise mechanical design.