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Chopping Gaps


[Automated Multiple Chopping Gap]

The multiple chopping gap is a originally patented SAMGOR development and is used to chop lightning impulses (on the front and on the tail) as well as switching impulses up to the highest voltages.

The multiple chopping gap serves simultaneously as a load capacitor for the impulse generator and allows excellent reproducibility of the chopping time and does not distort the wave shape until the chopping point.

With a additional secondary unit the SGFS is also usable for some applications as a voltage divider.

Rod gaps and sphere gaps (above 1000 kV) draw a substantial pre-discharge current prior to the voltage break-down, causing a voltage drop. This affects the comparison tests when testing power transformers.


For indoor operation and mobile design. The HV units are made of stacked capacitors with inserted damping resistances. This active part is built in reinforced fiber-glass cylinders.

Our active part technology is derived from our decade long experience. The copper spheres have tungsten sintered inserts to reduce the burn-off. Their distance is set by a precise drive. The upper semi-sphere is attached to a movable frame which makes it possible to adjust simultaneously all partial spark gaps.

The multiple chopping gaps are equipped with toroid electrodes. The electrodes are made of brushed aluminum. The electrode type is determined by the rated voltage. Fiber-glass struts are required when more than 2400 kV units are used.

The H base frame of welded steel profiles is equipped with four swivel castors.