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Digital Impulse Control System


[Digital Impulse Control System]

IMS-2001 Automatic Impulse Generator Control system is specifically designed for needs of HV testing. The control system is supplied with a Windows 7 and Labview based control software package developed based on the 7 years plus experience and three generations of impulse generator control system.

IMS-2001 is made for high voltage testing laboratory operating environment, serious consider EMC hardware design, the system especially considering the impulse test characteristics used in most polluted areas, and it meet  the standard such as IEC61083, IEC60060, IEEE1122, GB/T16896.1, IEC61000 and etc.

Active and passive safety is implemented into the system as independent external emergency switches, software watchdogs, graphic symbols and status information for fast understanding.

With the advantage software sequence it is possible to control complex test cycles.Remote control also one of the function what be consider by software design.