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Digital Impulse Measuring System


[Digital Impulse Measuring & Analyzing System]

High voltage impulse test is used to assess the quality of any high voltage equipment. The test object is subjected to a fast voltage impulse of defined wave shape caused by the test object are used for detection of insulation strengths and/or faults. It is commonly used for routine testing of transformer, bushings or other high voltage equipment.

SG3004-12(14) is an excellent and reliable tool for accurate measurement of all kinds of wave-shapes. It also manufactures complete impulse voltage test systems to meet most requirement. This impulse generation capability plus impulse measurement offers a compete solution to modern testing needs.

SG3004-12(14) equips 12bit or 14bit, 100Ms/S sampling rating A/D card inside and user friendly software and powerful curve analyzing tools along with the report generating.

Measurement evaluation and analysis of impulse voltages and currents can be performed according to IEC 61083, IEC 60060, IEC 60076, IEC 60099 and IEC 60230, automatic evaluation of the impulse of the impulse shapes specified in the above standards.

SG3004-12(14) is controlled by the host computer, using the USB or Ethernet interface. SG3004-12(14) is complete system to be integrated with impulse voltage test system.