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PD Measuring System


[Partial Discharge Measuring System]

The SG4003 is the effective solution for routine pass/fail partial discharge testing. It has the basic functions of an analog detector and meets all IEC and IEEE/ANSI standards for partial discharge testing. It’s a straightforward replacement for older analog detectors of any make or model. The SG4003 simply measures the level of PD and the applied test voltage. It’s designed to help you modernize your testing facility at an affordable price and, it’s simple to operate.

PS: SG4003 can also be used in Cable Failure Site Location Test.





[Partial Discharge Measuring System]

Interference Distinguishing Partial Discharge (PD) Detector is a new type apparatus developed by the institute after SG-8001 (modeled from Model-5), SG-8201 and SG-8601 PD apparatuses. Basically it keeps the merits and functions of the above three types apparatuses. SG9101 adopts special interference distinguishing logical circuit, which can discriminates the accidental interference. (The interference must be high than a set threshold and last 4 test periods at least, the “effect” will be shown). Cooperating with the time window, it can enhance the ability to discriminate and eliminate external interference.