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Precision Measuring Bridge

QS Series

[Semi-Automatic C, L & tanδ / cosφ Precision Measuring Bridge]

The measuring system type QS30A is designed for determining the capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor of liquid and solid insulants, cables, capacitors, line transformers, generators, motors, bushings etc. Furthermore it can also be used for power loss measurement on shunt reactors or similar apparatus.This system is suitable for both low and high voltage measurement at line frequency.

QS30A is a basic apparatus. The main bridge uses the principle of current comparator and data process by computer. It is a high voltage bridge having high precision, high stability, easy operation and large applications.

This measuring equipment has been specially developed to maximize efficiency in production and quality control environments. Its outstanding accuracy also makes it suitable for laboratory and research applications.

This bridge can also measure inductance and value Q of reactor. QS30A range expander (optional purchase) can enlarge the capacitance ratio from 1000:1 to 106:1.