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Transformer Turns Ratio Meter


[Transformer Turns Ratio Meter]

SG7001 is an important basic measurement for power transformer diagnosis. It helps to detect faulty transformer windings as well as defective tap changer positions. This advanced instrument automatically recognizes winding connections and vector group numbers of transformer windings. Just connect the measuring cables and press the start button and get the test results.

SG7001 can directly measure the turns ratio of single-phase transformers as well as three-phase transformers. Deviations in these measurements will quickly indicate problems in transformer windings and in the magnetic core circuits. Transformer ratio can change due to several factors, including physical damage from faults, deteriorated insulation, contamination and shipping damage. If a transformer ratio deviates more than 0.5 percent from the rated voltage ratio, it may not operate reliably. To measure small ratio changes such as this, the accuracy of a SG7001 is needed.